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The Colours of Charity is a project created by Amal Charity Fond directly due to the success of the Wings of Art project. The two goals of this program are to raise money exclusively for the Doctors Without Borders and to also provide students in high school with opportunities to engage in charitable work (CAS).


All students doing CAS are encouraged to join either by taking part in current projects, such as Under the Sea, or by coming up with their own project which The Amal Charity Fond will help realize. In this case the student may decide which organization he or she would like to raise the money for.  

Six years of armed conflict with frequent attacks on medical facilities have significantly reduced access to health care. The health care system collapsed this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many hospitals are closed due to a lack of staff and protective equipment. At the same time, spreading panic and misinformation discourage patients from visiting hospitals, so they come in critical condition or die at home.


Médecins Sans Frontières in Yemen is currently providing medical care to COVID-19 patients and is training local health professionals on diagnosing and classifying patients, isolating them, taking care of them or transporting critical cases.

our organization:

Amal means hope and we hope to be helpful to the less fortunate.

The Amal foundation is a not - for - profit organization mainly focused on supporting the organization Doctors Without Borders and their mission in Yemen. 


Since 2015, a war has plagued Yemen, a country located on the Arabian Peninsula. It is said to be the world's greatest humanitarian crisis. It is hard for us to believe that even in the 21st century, there is a place in the world where thousands of people die because of starvation or disease such as cholera or diphtheria. The citizens of Yemen are not receiving the necessary medication; resulting in more than three million of them losing their homes due to the war. In 2020, the crisis was exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. Yemen has the highest mortality rate for covid-19 in the world. 29 percent of those infected die to put that into perspective, the Czech Republic has a figure of 1%. 

Unfortunately, the situation in this part of the world is rarely mentioned by the media and remains unknown to the general public. The Amal Foundation was founded by four friends who are not indifferent to the fate of the citizens of Yemen. Especially because one was born and raised there. The Amal Foundation was formed directly due to the success of our Wings of Art Project, a fundraiser which engaged students from five international schools along with professional artists in Prague and raised 241, 891 Czech Crowns.

You can see where the money has helped on the Médecins Sans Frontières website.

the team:



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